Hot Rods

At Ringwood Raceway we run 2 classes of Hot Rods…. Outlaws and Group B (formally known as 2Ltr).

They race in a clockwise direction and the aim is to complete the specified number of laps in the shortest time, racing is strictly non contact, these cars are the baby version on National Hot Rods with cars being well presented and fully caged.

Please click here for the Group B Hot Rod rules

to view the points charts please click on the meeting below

outlaws 16.02.19

group B 16.02.19

outlaw 23.02.19

Group B 02.03.19

outlaw 02.03.19

Group B 27.03.19

Outlaw 27.03.19

Group B 30.03.19

Outlaw 30.03.19

outlaw 04.05.19

outlaw 05.05.19

outlaw 10.08.19

group b 10.08.19

outlaw 11.08.19

Group b 11.08.19

outlaw 14.09.19

outlaw 21.09.19

group b 21.09.19

outlaw 12.10.19

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