Sin Bin

This page will be used to report any punishment/bans that Ringwood Raceway Ltd give to any driver of any formula.


1 Andrew Dowsett All Non Contact Formulas 28.05.2018 – 01.12.2018

76 Michael Cole – Banned from Economy rods for Life

77 Rhys Miles – All junior Formulas – 02.09.2018 – 01.01.2019

122 Mark Cooper Jnr – All Formulas – 09.09.2018 – 09.12.2018

161 Shane King All Non Contact formulas 28.05.2018 – 30.05.2019

163 Steve King All Non Contact Formulas 28.05.2018 – 30.05.2019

174 Stuart Gregory – Banned from Economy Rods for Life

206 Max Truran – All Formulas – 02.09.2018 – 01.09.2019

252 Steven Bugler – All Formulas – 09.09.2018 – 09.11.2018

290 Joey Croft 12 month ban from all formulas – Return to racing 04/11/2018

306 Neil Truran – All Formulas – 02.09.2018 – 01.09.2019

340 Will Brazier All Rookies and Non Contact 28.05.2018 – Life

360 Jack Reynolds – All formulas – 08.09.2018 – 09.12.2018

435 Myley collins from all formulas Expires 27.04.2020

703 Levi Coombs from all formulas except National Bangers for life

718 Adrian Brown from Thunder Rods for Life

836 Brad-Lee Coombs from all formulas except National Bangers for life

Suspended Sentences:

31 Michael Rice 2 months Expires 10.03.2019

45 Rory Tate 12 Months Expires 16.06.2019

71 John Hawkins 2 Months Expires 02.09.2019

161 Shane King 1 month expires 21.03.2019

275 Jaz Wilkins 2 Months Expires 10.03.2019

411 Jackson Allen 3 months Expires 04.11.2018

527 Fergus Smith-Jones 5 months Expires 07.03.2019

Stadium Bans:

Levi Coombs for life + All Family members

Neil Truran

Max Truran

Drivers please note the new bans procedure: please note we do NOT take video evidence from drivers,mechanics or family, the only video evidence we will use is that of Dt Videos or Dan Moth Videos

Rookie Bangers:

There will be a complete rookie ban on anyone seen to do be doing a stationary car hit, or national banger hit in rookies or a hit which we feel is with excessive force outside of the permitted rookie nudge and spin concept.

ALL Formulas:

Exiting your vehicle once the race has started – Loaded for rest of the meeting, Continually doing this will result in a ban being issued.

Ignoring a black flag you will loaded for the rest of the meeting and possibly banned

Ignoring a yellow flag for the first time you will recieve a warning, and further repeat of this you will loaded, however if this second offence is on your last race of the night you will miss the first race of your next meeting.

Any driver swapping or tampering with there wrist bands will recieve a 1 year all formula ban, this will also stand for the driver who is trying to race with the wrist band that is not theres.

Any driver who does not wear there gloves at all times whilst racing will recieve a 1 month ban.

All bans are across all formulas except those listed for orci bangers

All ban/warning letters are sent by recorded delivery, any driver who does not sign for there letters, your ban will start the day you sign/recieve your letter if you do not sign for it within 7 days of it being sent to you, irrespective of the date stated in the letter.

Any driver receiving a ban length of more than 3 months will automatically loose all points for the current year

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