Stock Rods

This formula is NON-CONTACT and cars should be prepared with a professional racing appearance. This standard is required to be kept up throughout the drivers racing season. Cars with tatty, dented and badly battered panels will not be passed by the scrutineer. (Metal panels only must be used the exception being front and rear bumpers, see separate item 10. Bodywork).

1300cc and 1400cc cars will race under the same banner. The only cars eligible for use are those set out within these specifications and they must be raced with mechanical and constructional specifications as produced when new with the original engine capacity not exceeding 1300cc or see separate listing for 1400cc. Anyone wishing to race any car other than those listed may request permission from the ORCi as detailed above. All constructional rules will be the same for both the 1300cc and 1400cc. Any fuel injected 1400cc cars will have to use carburettor and manifold within their range, but not from a larger cc vehicle.

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03.11.2018 – Points finale


13.10.2018 Roof Graded


19.09.2018 Roof Graded


World Chart Conclusion 22.07.2018

World chart 01.07.2018

World Chart 17.06.2018

17.06.2018 Championship Weeeknd

30.05.2018 Roof Graded

World chart 30.05.2018


World Chart 20.05.2018

World Chart 07.05.2018

05.05.2018 Roof Graded

World chart up to 29.04.2018

World Chart 15.04.2018


World Chart 14.04.2018

07.04.2018 Roof graded

World chart 07.04.2018


World chart 01.04.2018

17.03.2018 Roof graded

World Chart 17.03.2018


10.02.2018 Roof Graded


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