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National Bangers

Most of our National Banger events are run to the ORCi build rules unless stated on our fixtures.

You must use any four wheel, right-hand drive, saloon, coupe, estate car or People Carrier in three main weight categories taken from MOT Brake Weight Chart.

• (900kg – 1250kg) e.g Metro – Cavalier

• (1100kg – 1560kg) e.g. Cortina – Granada Estate

• (1360kg – over) e.g. Triumph 2000 – unlimited (Rear wheel drive only), except large American cars check with staging promoter.

The car must have an all-steel body, which may not be cut, lowered, narrowed or shortened. Further restrictions may apply to any weight range such as non Ford, cc limits, etc. No SUV’s or 4 x 4 vehicles allowed.

A1 Metal Recycling Sponsored World final Points chart 07.04.2018

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