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Rookie Bangers

The object of the racing is to complete the specified number of laps in the shortest time. You may push a car from behind, or spin a car but there is no following in (you must not be on the back or side of a car as it hits the fence). If at any time the racing is felt to be “processional or roddy” the Starting Marshall will wave a blue flag & then drivers must not overtake another car without attempting to spin the car out. However, you must not deliberately follow another car into the safety fence (whether from the rear, front or side), as this will be deemed forcible fencing & carry penalties or a ban which could be for life.
Racing is in a clockwise direction on a clearly defined circuit with a separate infield. Any wheels passing over the demarcation lines or entering on to the infield area will mean that the driver will be penalised..

Any right-hand 2 wheel drive saloon, hatchback or estate car with a steel body, with an engine size not exceeding 1998cc, with either carburettors or Multi Point Injection or Diesel.

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