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Thunder Rods

The Thunder Rods are predominantly a budget formula designed for the driver whom wishes to have a go at non contact racing without the huge overhead costs that some non contact formulas have, the formula is for anyone aged over 16 years of age and is Non contact racing, racing in a clockwise direction of the circuit/ race track, infield is out of bounds unless retiring from a race, bans will be issued for infringement of the rules or dangerous/wreck less driving. Any new driver to the formula must have a cross painted on the rear of the car in a contrasting colour for a minimum of 3 meetings. Cars must be a minimum of 1800cc to 3000cc fwd or rwd, and fuel injection is allowed.  Your car can if fitted as standard run a turbo; however no variable boost set ups allowed, you can remove turbos and run the engine naturally aspirated. You are not allowed to use any SUV or MPV, 4×4 cars can be converted to 2 wheel drive, No 4 wheel steered cars allowed. Cars must remain standard to the manufactures range unless specified in these rules.Strictly no M3 Models to be used, All new vehicles must be confirmed for use before building FaceBook Group

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Thunder Rods Points 2021